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Hurricane Alert


Many of us still have fresh memories of Isabel even though it’s been more than 13 years since she brought her wrath to our area. For that reason and others, Matthew has our attention. Although certainly not a time to freak out, we do want to assure you that we plan on being here for our insureds should you need us.

Here are some helpful links and reminders;

Keep in mind that as watches and warnings are issued for the East Coast, we will be receiving moratoriums from our carriers instructing us that we can no longer “Bind coverage” until after the threat of Matthew has passed. It is already too late to get a flood policy to protect against this one as there is a 30 day wait on coverage for flood.

See our claims page for contact information for your carrier in the event you need to make a claim.

Please make a note of your policy number to reference should you have to call in a claim.

While we recommend that you call the carrier directly to report, we are also posting cell numbers for our Agency contacts:

Scott Bramble 410-708-0784

Creg Fleetwood 410-739-2022

Dan Zottarelli 410-708-0240

We will post a link to help you with storm preparedness and a link to the National Hurricane Center.

While we hope for a turn out to sea and a sparing of the East Coast, the latest advisories do not support that. It is best to be prepared.

As always, thank you for your business and belief in our promise to be here.